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Phytotherapy (Herbal Medicine)

Phytotherapy is modern Western herbal medicine.

Phytotherapy is a synergistic approach to health-care, combining the best of science, medicine and nature into a personalised, holistic natural medicine solution for you and your family.

Phytotherapists are medically trained to diagnose and treat a broad range of diseases. Our training also incorporates disease prevention, diet and nutrition, compounding and dispensing of herbal medicines and possible herb-drug interactions.

The medicines we use have been proven by professional scientific research and evidence.

Phytotherapists combine orthodox medical knowledge and skills with the long-established traditional uses of herbs. They enhance these ancient practices with the most up-to-date scientific understanding of both general medicine and plant medicines.

In phytotherapy, plant medicines are prescribed to stimulate and strengthen the body’s normal functions, helping the body to heal itself naturally.

Herbal medicine is perfectly safe and gentle for all people and age groups – including children and pregnant or breastfeeding mothers – as long as the treatment is closely supervised by a professionally trained Phytotherapist.

We are also trained to be aware of possible herb-drug interactions, so if you are are already taking conventional medications, please consult a phytotherapist before commencing any herbal medicine.

Phytotherapy selects herbs mainly from the Western herbal tradition (British, European and North American). It also provides in-depth nutritional and lifestyle guidance. Together, these elements create a holistic treatment plan for each patient’s individual needs.