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I looked forward to my weekly class having done Pilates for a number of years. This is the first class where you were put through your paces. There was no messing in Tammi's class and you felt well exercised at the end of the hour. Dublin's loss is definitely Cape Town's gain!

Patricia Dublin February 15, 2019

I had never tried Pilates before and before I started I was very unsure of what to expect, so I joined with a friend who had already taken Tammi's class and was absolutely delighted with the result. Tammi was a very clear, friendly and helpful instructor who gave everyone they're own individual attention, and the classes were small enough for everyone to get it right! I really noticed a complete tightening up of my muscles too, it was a great workout that got tougher and tougher by the week.

Kasia Dublin February 15, 2019

I did mat and ball pilates withTammi for over a year. I started as a complete beginner and with every class i could feel making a lot of progress. I found the classes very professional, organised and challenging and Tammi was a great teacher who had an individual approach to every person in the class. I've tried few pilates classes since Tammi left Dublin but cannot find the same sense of commitment Tammi had towards her students' progress. At least now, thanks to her, i know how to keep the posture in every new pilates exercise i do 🙂 I would definitely recommend everyone to try Tammi's classes.

Kasia February 15, 2019

Tammi is a patient and experienced Pilates teacher, who takes the time to fine tune her class to meet the level and needs of her students . I spent 4 years learning Pilates with Tammi and every class was enjoyable and safe. I've built up some great skills, my body is much stronger and in better shape than it was in my twenties. I used to suffer from lower back pain, but found that consistent Pilates has made this a thing of the past.

Claire Dublin February 15, 2019

I have had a degenerative disc in my lower back for 8 years and was told pilates would really help the ongoing discomfort I was experiening. I took a few different courses under different teachers and enjoyed them - I found them challenging and aerobic, yet I still had frequent lower back pain and often felt a little over-strained after class. I then signed up for a course with a Tammi. After only a few classes, I realised what a massive difference the right pilates teacher can make. I also came to realise the damage that I could have caused myself at my previous classes due to inadequate attention from teachers and my insufficient understanding of the fundamentals of pilates.

Tammi's style of teaching is attentive, rigorous and is based on a full and thorough grounding in the basics.  She is a warm and positive person, very encouraging but tough at the same time - you will feel like you've worked hard after one of her classes!  But you can also expect to feel relaxed and revived. While I was doing pilates with Tammi, my back pain was non-existent. I was stronger, more flexible and more toned. I attended the regular group classes and also pre-natal classes on both my pregnancies. I didn't feel as much as a twinge of back pain, even when i was 9 months pregnant - to go from being in constant low-level discomfort to pain-free even when heavily pregnant? I think that's pretty amazing! To get the full benefit from a pilates class, you need to be with the right teacher - you can be sure you'll be in safe hands with Tammi.

Joan Dublin February 15, 2019

Tammi was a Godsend to me and my sister when we both needed to get back into shape. We took 2-on-1 classes with her which were great value, as we each felt we got a private session but paid half the price. Tammi makes working out fun but she doesn't allow slacking - if you try it (I did) she will make you start again so you learn to push through. Good discipline. 
I had been feeling overwhelmed after years of gradual weight gain and my sister had had a very bad prognosis for her mobility after a series of back injuries. We both feel on top of the world again; my sister's doctors are astonished that Pilates was all it took for her to make a complete recovery. 

Whether you are ambitious for your fitness, want to take control of your own health or want to find your way back to your youthful pleasure in your body, Tammi is an inspiring, understanding and humorous guide. We always looked forward to our workouts with Tammi even though she was going to make us work really hard because we really enjoyed spending time with her. 

Mary Kate O Flanagan February 15, 2019

I had tried Pilates before but had never found a teacher that gave enough individual attention during the classes. Not so with Tammi. I took classes with her for around a year before she (sadly!) left Dublin . I had suffered from shoulder stiffness and pain and found that this was greatly improved by the classes. Tammi gives very clear instructions and really shows in detail how to do each exercise correctly. I am still trying to find a teacher that is as good to take her place.

Suzanne Dublin February 15, 2019

had individual pilates sessions with Tammi to overcome a weak lower
back problem for about five months, along with various classes also.
I found her extremely professional, precise, relaxed and very
knowledgeable about pilates, the body and its limitations with
regards to whatever issue someone was having. I would have no
hesitation recommending her, and have done so many times!

Garvan Gallagher February 15, 2019

I first came to see Tammi a few years ago for a hip problem that was the result of a skiing injury that had occurred in 2004.  She came highly recommended by my Osteopath who suggested I try Pilate's to strengthen my core.  After only a few sessions with Tammi, the pain I had experienced, along with mobility issues began to dissipate and my condition has steadily improved and I am happy to say I have not had any problems in over two years now.

Marianne Dublin February 15, 2019


I have had regular Reiki treatments with Tammi every fortnight for the past 2 years. Prior to finding Tammi, I had been to many different practitioners of many different therapies. Tammi is unique. She has such an empathetic and gentle energy, and has a lot of experience in many different therapies. I feel as though each time I go I come away with something different, something more than before. My life is really busy and I have a lot of responsibility, but my regular Reiki treatments keep me clear and energised and balanced. Reiki is a beautiful healing energy and Tammi is a wonderful practitioner of it. It has helped me grow and heal in so many ways and I really look forward to my treatments with Tammi.

Philip February 15, 2019

I had for many years experienced pain in my lower back and over time both the frequency and severity of the pain increased, during my first session with Tammi in 2009 I received both massage and Reiki which brought instant relief;  I continued to receive regular treatments and these further aided my recovery. 

I found Tammi's empathic approach reassuring and was able to explore ways that would address the stressful factors that existed in my life at the time. Her holistic approach to well-being was reassuring and her guidance was beneficial in my making changes to my diet, exercise and work life balance.

Jenny H Dublin February 15, 2019

I saw Tammi on 2 occasions for reiki treatments and I must say, she was a living embodiment of the benefits of reiki and a balanced lifestyle. At the time, I was going through a particularly stressful period of my life and Tammi had a wonderful, positive aura about her and a very calming effect. The treatment itself was incredibly relaxing and I emerged from it feeling more equipped to deal with the hassles and stresses of modern life.

Sorcha Dublin February 15, 2019


had been having severe digestive problems for more than a year when I went to
Tammi. I had been to two GPs at that stage who could not find anything wrong
with me but I was very concerned and distressed about my wellbeing. I decided
to try herbal medicine with Tammi and I was very impressed that Tammi could
tell me what was wrong and what could be the cause of my problems. Tammi
prescribed herbs and explained what they were intended to do and advised some
dietary and lifestyle modifications. The change was slow and gradual at first
but after two months, a problem that had plagued me for more than a year had
subsided. A few years on, the problem now very rarely returns and when it does,
I am able to deal with it by taking the steps Tammi taught me. I appreciate
Tammi's attention to my problems and her hollistic approach to curing my
illness which has had a positive long term effect. I now feel better from

February 15, 2019

Tammi O'Flynn has, over the last 8 years, treated me for the following
Asthma - which I have had all my life, but no longer have, due to her herbal
Menopausal symptoms - very bitter medicine but amazing results
Chronic Eczema - have had it all my life, but it has disappeared, thanks to
herbal medicine
Gall Stones - the medication helped enormously
Dry Eyes - herbal eyedrops have completely erradicated this problem
Cold and Flu - Dr O'Flynn's immune-boosting medicine is almost miraculous

I am a very happy patient and recommend herbal medicine to everyone I
know.  Thank you, Dr O'Flynn, for your interest, superb knowledge and
commitment to my healthcare

R. Gillespie Cape Town February 15, 2019

saw Tammi regularly for a period of about two years while she was living and
working in Dublin. When I first saw her I had a huge amount of anxiety and
stress which would often leave me feeling deeply depressed and feeling very
unhopeful about my situation. After my first consultation with Tammi I felt i
had finally met a health care professional who could really help me. When I
discussed my problems with her I felt she listened with great care and
attention and worked with me as an individual. The herbal medicine she
prescribed usually worked with in a couple of days to help me feel more
balanced. It was always a great help when I felt down or anxious. I really have
a lot to thank Tammi for. She gave me invaluable insight into life style and
diet and offered me a lot of wisdom on how to lead a much more balanced and
enjoyable life. I was very sorry to hear of Tammi returning to South Africa as
it was always reassuring knowing I could see her when I was having problems.
But since I have taken all her advice onboard and started leading a much more
balanced and fulfilling life style there would not be much need for me to see
her only to say hello and thanks! I would highly recommend seeing Tammi her
wisdom, knowledge and kind manner will guide you in the right direction to
leading a life which is just right for you. Thanks for everything Tammi

Mick Dublin February 15, 2019

saw Tammi in 2009 for a consultation. I had a recurrent bladder infection and
cystitis that several antibiotic prescriptions were not clearing up. I teach
and the pain and discomfort made it difficult to work effectively. Tammi
prescribed herbal medication that brought immediate relief and got to the root
of the underlying problem. I found her knowledgeable, professional and very
understanding. I would have no hesitation in recommending  Tammi, through her treatment I was able to
return to work confident and healthy

Valerie Dublin February 15, 2019

I went to Tammi mainly for stress which was
starting to interfere with my health.  My main concerns were my digestive
issues, hormonal issues and fatigue.  What I discovered through my
consultation with Tammi was that due to my stress and the regular strain my
adrenals were being put under, I was increasing the stress hormones cortisol
and adrenaline too often.  These in turn were causing my digestion to be
impaired so my appetite was decreased but my 'digestive disturbances' to put it
politely were increased!

After sometime of me ignoring those issues, I also realised
my PMT symptoms were awful, particularly my mood swings and tender breasts.

Finally, I was recommended Medical Herbalism and
within 7 days of taking my herbs I started to go through a slight detox:
fatigue, headaches, grumpiness which I discussed with Tammi who assured me this
was normal, then 7 days after that my energy levels lifted, I wasn't dead tired
after a full nights sleep, my PMT had disappeared almost completely and my
stomach had completely returned to it's none anxious self.
cannot recommend herbal medicine enough.  It works so effectively and
quickly and though the taste can be far from pleasant, I would advise anyone
open to it to see Tammi for Herbal Medicine as an effective option for your health

Bella Dublin February 15, 2019

I first saw Tammi in 2009 for recurrent bronchitis. I found her to be
confident and had  a more medical
approach than I was expecting, which I liked. During the consultation, she
established that I was asthmatic and said that herbal medicine could be very
effective in improving symptoms in asthma. I started taking the herbal
prescription she gave me and I quickly noticed an improvement in my general
health. Sometime later I realised I had made it through a whole winter with
only 1 very mild cold that had not affected my chest badly. That was a massive
improvement on the previous year when I’d needed 5 courses of antibiotics! As
my chest improved and we identified some triggers for my asthma, I was able to
reduce my reliance on my inhaler.  I now
have a bottle of her prescription on hand to take at the 1st sign of
asthma or chest infection,  and keep the
inhaler only for emergencies…I have not had to use it in some months. I would
heartily recommend Tammi as her care has resulted in a huge improvement in my
quality of life.

Stephen Dublin February 15, 2019

I had been having recurring bladder infections for
some years and after growing tired of the constant courses of antibiotics, I
decided to try a more natural approach and went to see Tammi. She was very
thorough and at the end of the appointment outlined a clear and simple
treatment plan and made some dietary suggestions. I started to take the herbs
and in the next few months only had 1 mild bladder infection which we were able
to treat with herbs. Since then, I have had no further infections for the past
2 years and I no longer need to take the herbs-amazing!

Vicky Dublin February 15, 2019

I went to see Tammi in 2010 as I had experienced a
few panic attacks and I was very anxious about having any more of them. I found
her easy to talk to and understanding and I left the 1st
consultation already feeling reassured that there was something that could be
done. After starting to take the herbal prescription, I only had 1 further
panic attack and it was much less intense. After 3 months of treatment, we
decided to discontinue the herbs and after 2 years I still have had no further
attacks. I am delighted that I sought help and that I was able to avoid going
on the pharmaceuticals that I had been told I would need.

Rory Dublin February 15, 2019

first saw Tammi in 2009 for a herbal medicine consultation as I was
experiencing severe menopausal flushes and they were really impacting my
quality of life. I found Tammi to be knowledgeable, sympathetic and reassuring
and after just a few weeks of taking my prescription I noticed a dramatic
improvement. I now have had no flushes at all for 3 months and am on only a low
maintenance dose of herbs. I feel fantastic!  I would really recommend
going to Tammi as she has been a huge help and support
through this difficult time.

Carla M Dublin February 15, 2019

Tammi's warm and genuine care, her holistic
approach to healing, together with a highly effective herbal tincture helped me
to overcome an irritable digestive system and sensitive stomach that had
bothered me for about 10 years.

Tammi's treatment has been the one and only
approach that has worked.

Rebecca Dublin February 15, 2019

I consulted Tammi on matters including vertigo and
neck pain, she treated both conditions successfully and I would have no
hesitation in recommending her and would encourage anyone suffering from
similar conditions to do so.

Marianne Fagan Dublin February 15, 2019

Tammi was recommended to me by a friend, as I was
suffering with very low energy and irregular menstrual cycle and had been told
I was peri-menopausal.  I had gained some weight and generally felt
unwell.    When I first met Tammi, she made me feel very relaxed
and I felt very comfortable  explaining my story to her.  She
listened with great empathy and as she spoke to me, I could see that as
well as being very caring, she was also extremely knowledgeable. 
Tammi prescribed herbal remedies to me that I found easy to take and
within a short time, I was starting to feel well
again.  My  menstrual cycle returned to normal and remains
normal.  I remember my final visit to Tammi. I was like a different
person.  My weight had returned to a  normal healthy weight and I
had lots of energy.  I am so happy and grateful to
have met Tammi and would highly recommend her. 

Louise F. Dublin February 15, 2019

I decided to look into a holistic approach to
better my well being and in particular look to improve womens health issues. I
went to see Tammi keeping an open mind and not knowing what to expect. I found
Tammi very approachable, understanding and thorough. The course of prescription
and herbs improved my symptoms, gave me more energy and in general gave me a
lift. I recommended Tammi to friends as I found going to her a very positive

Martina Dublin February 15, 2019

EFT Tapping

My husband and I were having a hard time as we had been struggling to conceive for 2
years. I went to See Tammi for Phytotherapy and after she’d been treating me for a little
while and my hormones were balanced, she suggested that my husband and I try some EFT
sessions together. He was pretty sceptical at first, but agreed to give it a try. Tammi made
him feel very relaxed and created a safe and confidential space for us. Neither of us knew
anything about EFT, but Tammi explained it all and introduced us to this process beautifully.
By the end of the first session, we had already brought to light quite a few of the underlying
problems in our relationship. We were able to become aware of how these were affecting
us both individually and as a couple. We hadn’t really realised up until then (or spoken
about) how stressful we were finding the whole process of trying to get pregnant. After just
a few EFT sessions we were both feeling so much more relaxed about it all, and our
relationship was much more open and honest than before. A couple of months later, I found
out I was pregnant and I now have about 2 months to go before our baby is born! Thanks
Tammi for all your help!

Natalie & Chris February 15, 2019

I had tried EFT before but went to see Tammi for Phytotherapy and she suggested we also
do some EFT sessions. I have struggled with depression for a lot of my life and I was feeling
pretty hopeless by this point. I was amazed that firstly after I stated taking the herbs, I
started to feel a bit better, somehow “lighter” and then we started doing the EFT sessions.
Wow, I was amazed at the stuff that came up. Things I’d forgotten about but had still been
affecting me, sometimes years later. Tammi works in a very gentle way, but gets right to the
heart of the matter. She helped me to see the links between what had happened in the past
and what was happening in my life at that time. I learned so much about myself and how my
mind, emotions and energy are linked. EFT is a very easy to use therapy that works
amazingly fast to “rewire” your brain. I highly recommend for anyone suffering with

Michael Cape Town February 15, 2019

I worked with Tammi over a period of a few months as I had been experiencing a lot of
anxiety and panic attacks. I had not experienced EFT before but she guided me through the
process expertly and within just 2 sessions my panic attacks had stopped! After a few more
sessions I was able to release a lot of the underlying stuff that had caused my anxiety and
I’m now able to enjoy my life in a whole new way, free from all that “stuff” I’d been carrying
around for so long!

Pete Cape Town February 15, 2019

I came to Tammi last year after getting recommendations about the EFT method.
I needed some help and there were a few things that I was looking for in my practitioner:
not to drag those sessions over years; to be something I will be able to practice myself; and
someone gentle enough and yet be able to contain me.
Tammi and this beautiful EFT method managed to tick all those boxes. I bought a package of
6 sessions and we started to work. It is an amazing and effective method of moving energy
that was stuck, sometimes for many years and was causing me so much pain, via tapping on
certain places in our body, and releasing (or starting to release) the stagnation. Some issues
needed to be worked deeper and might take more time but I felt very empowered by the
fact that I can do it myself and help myself.
Tammi is a very sensitive, gentle and prescriptive practitioner and I highly recommend
anyone to try this technique with her.

Rona Cape Town February 15, 2019